Coral Agri-Venture Farm Inc. and Dundee

Dundee Sisig


Coral Agri-Venture Farm Incorporated (CAVFI) had approached me to redesign their current logo representing a full line of crocodile meat products. During the research stage, I have brought to their attention that not only do they need a new brand identity, but also a re-evaluation of their brand strategy and audit including a thorough competitive analysis. Throughout the process, client also asked me to design their corporate identity. The brand to be redesigned is named Dundee — derived from the 1986 movie Crocodile Dundee. It is chosen also for the friendly tone it brought with it as


an effort to combat the daunting thought of consuming crocodile meat. Dundee is the only brand that produces premium crocodile meat for the healthy and adventurous individuals in the Philippines who wants to have or maintain a healthy lifestyle at the time when it is difficult (or near impossible) to get a hold of genuinely premium quality crocodile meat. The challenge was unusual in a sense that the market is generally hesitant to eat unfamiliar meat. According to backyard testing, people are scared at the thought of eating crocodile meat. Crocodiles do not evoke positive thought


or image. Also, since CAVFI is the only accredited crocodile farm in the Philippines, they did not have direct competitors. Indirect competitors are other healthy meat products: prime steaks, ostrich meat, and wagyu meat. Also considered are meat products sharing space with it in supermarkets and display freezers. Alongside providing identity for CAVFI and Dundee, they wanted to educate consumers about crocodile meat as a healthy meat. Fliers are designed as the first step.