ivi Beauty Products


The Ivi Ryo Corporation campaign is my first winning pitch for the company — Bates. I worked as an art director with a team to build a through the line campaign that is geared towards exponential growth and the establishment of brand presence. Ivi Ryo Corporation is a very young company. It landed in my hands without any brand strategy, mission, vision, market research, positioning, or brand audit. Only elements given for me to work with was client’s aspirations, a logo, a

pantone color, and a beauty and wellness brand with one product manufactured solely in Japan—ivi premium collagen powder drink. My team was awarded the account and being the only design-based art director in the team, I was given responsibility of not only providing support for conceptualizing advertising campaigns but I was also given the principal control in defining the full image for the corporation and its brand.

Ivi Ryo Corporation

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