SM Children’s Fashion



When the SM Fashion account was awarded to my team, we handled the children’s fashion department which is only one venture amongst all other businesses managed by one of the largest holdings companies in the country. Aside from providing the campaigns and event programs for every season, we are also responsible for providing a new visual identity since the whole SM children’s fashion department never had one single visual system, each department had looked completely different from one another. All of which kept changing through every season. No logo has remained long enough to gain retention. The reason being the variety of needs that changes every season. Logos in the past may have been designed to perform with the corresponding season, but it is rendered inappropriate for the next.

With this, the goals became clear. As the designer in the team, I have analyzed the specific behavior and needs of the client. The company thrived through constant change however the department lacked in retaining specific brand equity retention. Clearly, a change in the system is required. Instead of approaching each clothing department separately, I considered them as a whole, and instead of creating one visual identity, I created a system. The system consisted of a set of rules that govern the way the client can change the logo to suit the season. SM has retained this design system successfully since launch in January 2013. Today, all consumers, bloggers, stakeholders, and fashion aficionados have an SM fashion brand they could refer to and identify with.

SM Prime Holdings, Inc.
SM Supermalls

Executive Creative Director:
Noah Valdez

Art Directors:
Alexis Nera
Jhem Manalang
Yzabelle Wuthrich

Aeya Fontanilla