WYETH: Bonakid Chocoboost Toy Adventure Promo


Kids always look forward to cutting loose in a toy store—like being handed a license to unlimited choices of toys and unlimited play. At the end of the day, kids have to choose one or two toys to bring home with them. My team used this insight to create a promotion for the WYETH Bonakid Chocoboost Milk Drink that gives children

a chance to fulfill their dream of unlimited play and unlimited choices of toys: a run throughout the toy store grabbing every toy they want under a minute. Kids get a chance to win a toy run through specially-designed sticker-cards attached to each purchase of Bonakid Chocoboost packaging—ultimately increasing sales.

WYETH Philippines

Executive Creative Director:
Noah Valdez

Senior Art Director:
Jhem Manalang

Art Director:
Alexis Nera

Aeya Fontanilla